About Neil…

I could tell you my whole life story, but if I did that then I wouldn't have anything to publish when I write my autobiography! You'll just have to wait until I retire and buy my book. Until then, if you want to know it all just call me and ask!

In the mean time, let's talk about something that's important...

My Promise to You:

I strive to do everything for my clients. Before, during & after the sale, whatever they need, I am the first person they call and I enjoy that! It's much more than a job, thats for sure . . . just ask any one of my clients, I can honestly call them good friends.

Contact me today and get the representation you need to find property on Hilton Head Island and the surrounding Low Country. Get the facts: Rental quotes, costs and hidden fees, past sales, floor plans, current MLS and FSBO listings, even properties that are not currently listed for sale yet. I have the knowledge and experience to give you ONLY the BEST service and all at NO COST TO YOU!!! My record speaks for itself and my clients will tell you, ALL OF THEM!!! Desire...that sums up my persona in one word. The desire to accomplish goals in the work place, in the community, and in my personal life. Since moving to Hilton Head Island and working with the Wm F. Hilton Company, that concept is stronger than ever. A resident for nearly ten years, I have already established a foot hold in the community.

Philosophy: People are my concern, and I will not sell you a home, villa, or any piece of property, until you are completely positive. Remember, this is a relationship you're building. That is the kind of relationship we have at the Wm F. Hilton Company and when you come to Hilton Head Island, I will be there every step of the way to assist you. I want to be there to guide you with your first home or villa to your 20th one.

Contact me today! You will not be disappointed!

You can ask or call ANY ONE of my customers and clients or people I am currently working for and hear it from them.......you won't find anyone more committed to you and working harder for you, all of the time. If you buy real estate in Hilton Head Island or Bluffton now or 10 years from now, to me that's not the issue, it's when you want to and I will work just as hard, even if you are years away from a decision or never buy property here. Honesty, hard work, trust, and a friend.....that is a fact!


Neil Castellane